Founders Field 101 Eisele Road, Cheswich PA

Founders Field, Cheswick: GK Training

About The Session

Our training goals are to educate and train goalkeepers of all abilities to get them to their next level (club, high school, and college). We will test all students’ abilities and guide them through the essential techniques required to be a successful goalkeeper. In doing so, we challenge every student physically while instilling a more sophisticated understanding of this unique position. All training sessions will teach, demonstrate, and allow the goalkeepers to practice the proper goalkeeping techniques. This will include a “tell, show, do” training approach. First, we tell/instruct the GK. We will then demonstrate how to do all techniques properly (as well as exercises). Finally, the GK will apply the learnings. Training topics will include foot skills, service, body Shape, catching at all height levels, low ball diving, medium ball diving, crosses/highballs, angle play, distribution, and communication.

  • Date: 4 Sep - 23 Oct 2019
  • Time: 18:00:00 - 20:00:00
  • Number of Sessions : 8
  • Price: $149.00
  • Venue: Founders Field 101 Eisele Road, Cheswich PA 15024
  • Age Group: U12: 6:00 - 7:00, O13: 7:00 - 8:00
  • Type: GK Icon Weekly Sessions
  • Duration: 120-minutes